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Artist: OperaGhost
[ Desktop buddy. ]

Minecraft Skin

Artist: Ftanjo

Minecraft Skin

Artist: oddcheesecake

Minecraft Skin

Artist: MrsWaluigi

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The Legendary BIG AL YouTube Comment

Preserved in text below for your copypasta needs, but available here as an image as well. Enjoy.

Work on your pitch and control please watch a voice teacher nasmed Ken on youtube it is free and you could be a tenor, but you just need polishing you are a diamond in the rough..maybe i can send you one of my own voice singing the same song you have nice timber and resonance your voice has such possibilities reminds me of placido domingo please dont stop singing but please please learn about vocal excercising as well as breathing vibrato most importantly pitch tonality your voice has much much much greater endeavors please learn before you ruin your vocal chords that would be tragic because right now with some training you can do it for free on this youtube you could sing opera or broadway on stage and realize they are two completely different techniques breathing and opening to the head as opposed to the chest breathing is all diaphram and muscle control...people think it is vibrato indeed not the case..please you have ..well put it this way...i never ever ever ever comment or get excited about someones voice even this song as badly as it was performed your voice only needs some training your ear needs to learn pitch learn to sing on key even the most beautiful voices will ruin a song if the vocals are pitchy off note so my god ive written you a book.please train and go sing on stage somewhere anywhere after you have trained and have other singers please give you honest criticism dont be afraid to be told what needs improvement always keep in mind that no one asnd nothing in this life is perfect even you because ego and tunnel vision have destroyed entire nations down to the smallest insect..dont ever be so full of yourself you are offended when someone who sees your light wants to help you shine like the sun..be grateful because there are those of us who are among the masses noticing even the tiniest ember and we want nothing more than to help stoke the fire within you. You are worth it you have value and you seriously need to jump on this get training vocally and do excercises ever single day at least one boor diaphram excercises..look at "the master class" taught by great performers like monserrrat cabelle and other great people you can see them free no charge here on youtube. God bless and guide you and may you find the light onto your path right within you.