My "Household" BIG AL

Wait what's this?

Since VOCALOIDs (and other vocalsynths) usually lack canon personality and backstory, users may develop a specific interpretation of the character that they represent in their work. These may include applied personality traits or even divergent designs. A common term for this phenomenon is "household" VOCALOIDs.

Physical Traits

  • Kind of a mishmash of the 3 major horror-movie monsters: Frankenstein's monster, vampires & werewolves.
  • He's basically a walking Halloween gijinka.
  • Tall, built, and has visible fangs.
  • Forehead stitches are the only ones with the metal staples.
  • Though he has stitch marks all over the rest of his body, they're like leftover scars with no actual stitching.
  • Has the Y-shaped abdomen stitch scar as though his original body was used in an autopsy.
  • Because none of my vocalsynth headcanons can be anything but robots, he's a cyborg with a mechanical heart. Steampunk-esque technology.
  • Hair would be a fluffy disaster if it wasn't always styled and slicked back.
  • Eyes are goldish-yellow and glow if angered because I'm a sucker for shitty tropes.


  • Gentle giant. Looks terrifying, but actually a huge softie.
  • Has only 2 settings:

    Shh let us enjoy a quiet afternoon at the library.

  • Very fond of jazz/lounge music and dad jokes.
  • Also would totally narrate his life in song like in a Broadway-style musical if he could get away with it.
  • Can drink you under the table.

Favorite Headcanons / AUs

(These don't necessarily pertain to my household AL.)

  • Patriarch of the "PowerFX" family. ANN's husband, Oliver's + Ruby's + Hio's dad.
  • The type of weeb, you know the one, who speaks Google Translate Japanese with an abhorrent didn't-even-try accent.

Favorite Ships

  • Megurine Luka
  • Sweet ANN
  • Hiyama Kiyoteru
  • Camui Gackpo
  • VY2
  • DEX
  • Kikyuune Aiko (shh let me have this)

[ Art by Cz ]

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